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The best photos reveal things.

Sometimes this occurs when the camera is pointed at something mundane and pedestrian and frames it in a way that limits the subject matter and palette and creates a visually unified—and beautiful—picture. William Eggleston’s work is an example of that.

Sometimes it occurs because the technical aspects of photography show us things that our eyes don’t see on their own. Harold Edgerton’s flash photos are examples of that. Hiroshi Sugimoto’s movie theater photos are too.

I want my photos to reveal that there are things around us imbued with mystery and beauty, if we just take the time to look for it.


BFA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1992

Professional Experience
  • Photographer, Tim Evans Photography (self-employed), 1996–2007
  • Photographer, Saturn Lounge Photography, 2007–2015
  • Communications Director, Epikos Church, 2015–2021
  • Photographer & Videographer, Milwaukee Area Technical College, 2021–present

My professional career has been about helping clients/employers tell stories. I have photographed people for magazines, annual reports, websites, collateral, and advertising. I make images that are compelling and cause viewers to look more closely at the related story, product, or service. My videos let people share their stories about how their lives were changed by their faith or their education.